Which Are The Best Body Detox Products?

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You probably love to keep your house clean all the time, but when was the last time you cleaned your body as well? There is a very important reason why we must use body detox products every now and then, preferably at least once a year.

The environment we live in bombs us with pesticides, fertilizers, oil products, that enter the body through the air we breathe, the food and water we consume. As if all these stimuli are not enough, our body also produces toxic metabolic waste that must be removed in order to maintain our health and strength. If we lead a healthy life, our organism can eliminate itself these toxins through lungs, skin, kidneys and large intestine (colon). Unfortunately, very few of us can afford to eat properly all the time, drink only water, and practice sports every day. And this is when a detox product is needed the most.

What are body detox products?

Due to therapeutic reasons or because of the desire to lose weight easier, many people currently practice effective diet body detoxification, however they do not reach the desired effects. This usually happens from two reasons: the lack of information and because the body detox products they use are not right for their particular problem.

There are many body detox products used in detoxification, however not all of them are universal panacea. Fruits, vegetables, greengroceries, whole grain cereals, brown rice, vegetal oils, natural spices and other natural products alike are helpful in most detoxification attempts. Among all these natural products that help our body detox faster, salvia is the one with few to no side effects at all and a delicate, yet significant impact on our organism.

Salvia the plant that saves lives

The wish of salvia is to make people immortal, people in Middle Ages used to say. "Salvia" comes from the Latin word "salvare", which means to be healthy, to heal, to save. The Romans, was a sacred plant, harvested by protocol.

Salvia extract is used for various healing purposes; it is a very efficient among [body detox products], and a great internal treatment in medical conditions such as Alzheimers, anxiety, memory loss, digestive problems, menstruation. A study performed in 2007 in Japan has shown that salvia is even more efficient than some antibiotics in treating intestinal diseases linked with bacterial infections. In addition to its therapeutic action, has an astringent effect and refreshes the skin. That's why it is frequently included in cosmetics and skin care lotions.

When you buy salvia, make sure you do not mistake it for salvia divinorum, which resembles to mint plants, but is used for its psychoactive effects. This plant can be found in legal highs shops, instead of common pharmacies or natural products stores.
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Which Are The Best Body Detox Products?

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This article was published on 2010/10/31