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Hello there Fit Fem'rs! Hope you are doing fantastic and have enjoyed your weekend. I wanted to start the week right by posting an article that'll motivate you and set your week straight. So Happy Mindset Monday! I think that the biggest component to attaining your perfect body is to actually picture what you would look like with that perfect body. Can you even imagine what you would look like and how you would feel? I bet it feels so awesome!

You are what you think! Your mind has powerful potential to help you get the results you want, and one good way to use it is to visualize your body. With visualization, your mind creates strong mental images of what you desire. Since images have stronger effects than words, having these mental images will attract your desires more powerfully. This is what is stated in the natural law of attraction, which, in the simplest terms, tells that you physically attract what you mentally think. When you visualize your perfect body, your mind generates thoughts of the results you want. And by generating these thoughts, your mind then becomes some sort of a magnet; exerting forces and energies that attract these thoughts and make them a reality.

I know it sounds really silly right? You are probably thinking, what is this chick Syl smokin'? Ummm, well I'm high on positivity. Whoop Whoop! Ever notice how people who are always complaining of pain or some illness or condition never seem to get better. And they always stay that way? Well, that's because they are a super magnet to negativity.

So anyway, when you visualize your perfect body, your mind makes use of your subconscious. The subconscious mind is a powerful, yet untapped part of the brain. As you create a clear picture and visualize your perfect body, you program your subconscious mind to accept this visualization as a fact. Together with a strong desire, visualization makes your mind exert unseen forces with its vast potential energy that will make the reality in your mind manifest in the physical world and bring you tangible results. Ok don't laugh at this, but its true... you can create anything you want to create including your perfect body.

Visualize your body by first finding time to relax and be comfortable. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. As you get more and more relaxed, paint a picture of the perfect body you desire by using your imagination. Include every detail, from the long, shapely legs, slim arms and waist, and a cellulite-free figure. Think about how hot you look in that bikini, or a really sexy tight fitting dress. Oooo can we say hot mama!! Or how about your soon to be wedding dress. Be the Fit Fem you've always wanted to be. Imagine yourself having that body and how your life will be better with it. Think and feel on how much you want to attain such a perfect body. Enliven your desire with strong emotions and a conviction that you WILL have this body of your dreams. Maintain the strong feeling and the vivid mental picture for a few minutes then breathe deeply and open your eyes.

The best time to visualize your perfect body with the sample exercise above is during before sleep time, when you are most relaxed and lying comfortably. Your subconscious mind is also more open as you drift into sleep, thus creating a longer-lasting mental image. It is ideal to do it do as you wake up. This is the time when you are also relaxed, most focused and motivated to make the most out of the day ahead. However, you can also do these visualizations throughout the day. I, also, use this technique when I'm working out. I look at myself and see what I perceive to be my perfect body. I even sometimes cut out pictures of the body I want and place a picture of myself on it. I'll usually place this perfect body image on the bathroom mirror or bedroom mirror. So every time I look at it, it creates this energy and I feel more encouraged to adopt the habits that'll get me to achieve that perfect body. The more you think about attaining the perfect body, the more you will be inclined to achieve it with the help of your mind's natural energies.

Visualizing and thinking of yourself as healthy, fit and sexy is just one of the ways your powerful mind can help you get the gorgeous perfect body you've always wanted. Visualize your perfect body now and make the most out of your mind's innermost potentials to realize the body of your dreams!

So tell me what your perfect body would be like in the comment box below. Let's encourage each other to get to the right mindset and become awesome Fit Fem'rs.

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Visualize Your Perfect Body

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Visualize Your Perfect Body

This article was published on 2011/06/02