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Like many people who suffer from hyperhydrosis you may be wondering what alternatives you have to traditional medical solutions and their resulting side effects. Contrary to what you may have heard, there are alternative and possible natural cures for excessive sweating.

There are completely natural approaches to dramatically improving hyperhydrosis and sometimes the ability to completely cure it. Hyperhydrosis is complex and is caused by several components among them are emotional anxiety, stress and over-activity of the nervous system. Specifically the over-activity of the sympathetic nervous system.

The sympathetic nervous system is the function that controls your fight or flight responses. When active it sends most of the blood to the heart, lungs and muscles so you are better equipped to defend yourself or run; as well as regulating your body temperature and sending the signal to your sweat glands in an attempt to lower your body temperature and cool you down.

One aspect of hyperhydrosis that is usually overlooked is that often times the over-activity of the nervous system is due to eating foods your body cannot tolerate; similar to an allergic reaction. For instance if you have certain allergies or foods that simply don't agree with your body every time you eat those foods your immune systems attempts to defend your body from the harmful affects of the food which your body disagrees with. Each and every time this happens your sympathetic nervous system detects this and treats it as stress and activates the mechanisms for fight or flight that normally help you during stressful situations and coupled with that is the production of sweat. Simply altering your diet and avoiding those foods could give you the relief your looking for. This is one of many natural alternatives that can bring you the comfort you so long for.

If you suffer from hyperhydrosis, this may be a great opportunity for you to come more in sync with your body and its functions. Hyperhydrosis need not make your life miserable; there are alternative and natural cures; understanding your options can help save you from years of struggle and the side effects of conventional treatments.

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Tips & Tricks - Natural Cures For Excessive Sweating

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This article was published on 2010/03/31