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Chances are you are having issues when it comes time to go to bed, either you are counting sheep or just staring blankly at your ceiling, but don't worry help is here. If it is that hard for you to fall asleep, you may be experiencing a condition known as insomnia, or something related. There are natural remedies for helping people who suffer from sleep deprivation, and I will try and help you in the right direction.

Sleeping Aids - Are they the real deal, do they actually work?

One of the active ingredients in natural sleep remedies is "melatonin" as a hormone found naturally in the body, melatonin helps the body fall into a deep sleep naturally. When its time for you to get some zzz's you should be able to just plop down and drift off aimlessly without the hassel of worrying about whether or not you will be able to sleep.

Another method of naturally helping the body rest is to try relaxation therapy where as you get your muscles into a state of utter relaxation. The easiest way to sleep better might actually have to do with your diet. Cutting out things like caffeine in addition to coffee, energy drinks and anything else that may contain caffeine will go a long way for you. Foods that are high in magnesium like legumes and seeds, green vegetables and any other type of nuts can help have a sedative like effect.

Another natural way to tell the body to go to sleep is by waking up early and being exposed to light, as this will do wonders on your internal clock and when your body knows its time to go to bed. Try listening to light music that will put your mind at rest and help your body unwind after a long day. Acupuncture and aromatherapy can also be used to help relieve stresses in your body and mind and help you rest easier at night.

Nasal strips are one of the latest natural sleeping aids that can help you fall asleep faster by opening your nose for better breathing, and thereby better sleep. Exercise can also go a long way to tire the body out and allow it to shut down more naturally when you are tired. A better rest isn't that hard to come by, so don't give up, sleeping aids do work if you use them properly and they don't have to be expensive.

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Sleeping Aids - Over the Counter Sleeping Aids

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This article was published on 2010/03/30