Select A Beautiful Body Is No Longer A Dream Of Jogging

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Gradually the cool weather up in this autumn season in travel plans if not, then, might be a good opportunity for shaping their bodies, and now more and more urban white-collar workers have a weekday as jogging easy to realize their dream of a better way of life figure. Early morning or evening, wear breathable sports clothes, put on comfortable shoes, and find a path for running, and jogging around the green with it.

Run1, more intelligent Ready before jogging To do aerobic exercise before the full potential heat the body to adjust to the ready state is conducive to the adjustment function of the body, stimulate the body's "GHRELIN" hormones, to promote study of nerve cells in brain, to a certain extent improve memory.

preparation before jogging action you want to be Oh! Standing, arms akimbo, alternate activities ankle.

reduce the psychological pressure: sustained in a competitive environment, such as not rule out the tension, mental and psychological pressure will always be at a disadvantage. Moderate jogging preparation can reduce the psychological burden, to maintain a good attitude.

exercises Flash point: warm-up exercise can increase muscle temperature and makes muscles become soft and can not easily be strained.

exercise index: practice time: running before (to prepare action), or at any time to practice.

Run2, better health Time & speed is the key to rapid and healthy weight loss

Jogging time and speed depends on the pace when running posture, general aerobic exercise for 20 to 30 minutes too long can cause muscle fatigue is not conducive to health.

speed of practice to master. First of all, raise the legs alternately jogging, activities, hip, and then gradually increase the speed, the knee as well as touching on the abdomen, arms swinging around, running when the ground before the feet first, the transition to the ground the whole foot.

increased cardiovascular function: jogging will make persistent systolic blood output increased, decreased resting heart rate, reduce blood pressure, improve the physical health index.

exercises Flash point: You can speed up blood circulation, increase muscle oxygen uptake, but the speed should not be too fast to control the aerobic heart rate at 60%? 80%; avoid invalid exercise, fat will be in anaerobic conditions stop the decomposition, in the heart rate control, reduced fat can not be guaranteed.

exercise index: practice time: early morning or evening is better.

Run3, more beautiful Full burn fat beautiful shaping After jogging, stretching the body can make the body of excess fat to burn fully, so that most parts of the body by exercise, you create the perfect S curve.

correct posture and relaxed state of mind is a beautiful trick. Put both hands above the head, close attitude to stretch, stretch trunk.

effective shaping Dietary Fat: Law of uninterrupted practice jogging can consume a lot of excess body fat, while the auxiliary exercises after running, such as the ease of the body stretching exercises, is to create the body beautiful S-shaped curve to enhance muscle strength and endurance the best choice.

exercises Flash point: After jogging, doing the right amount of stretch that can ease the heart rate too fast.

exercise index:

practice time: early morning or evening is better.

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Select A Beautiful Body Is No Longer A Dream Of Jogging

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This article was published on 2010/09/22