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Most everyone who wants to lose weight wants to lose weight at the quickest possible time.

Unfortunately, unless you want to take drastic surgical actions towards your fat loss program, there are no one-step solutions that can make this possible. But there are several ways and means on how you can drop off those unwanted pounds in a faster mode, using only organic methods. This means that you do not have to subscribe to any of those pricey weight loss programs that the local gym is offering; or buy those weight loss supplements that hardly work; or go on those fad diets that leave a lot of to be desired. Here are some tips how you can get that smaller waistline in a hurry.

Quick fat loss tip #1: Never ever skip meals. There is only one primary reason why you should never skip meals. You are literally starving yourself for a few hours and this causes the body to buckle up while you are staying away from food. However, as soon as food becomes permissible, the body naturally tries to consume as much calories as it can take. This will increase your calorie intake by as much as 50% to 200% more... in one sitting alone. If you try to incorporate meal skipping in your daily schedule: like skipping breakfasts or lunches, your body will try to gain the most calories from meals prior or after your supposed breakfast or lunch period.

At the same time, those consumed calories are not expended either. Rather, as a safeguard for future "starvation" periods, the body automatically stores calories in the fat cells or the adipose tissues of the midsection. The more meals you skip, the more the body increases its supply of adipose tissues. And if you have not noticed yet, the midsection is the hardest area to work the excess pounds off.

It may sound counterintuitive, but one of the best quick fat loss tips is to actually increase your meals to as much as 5 to 6 small meals per day. This allows to body to think that it is gaining (and will be getting) regular sustenance from now on. Therefore, there is no more need to store fat cells in the body, which can make shedding pounds a little bit easier.

Quick fat loss tip #2: Skip the ready made diet foods. Grocery shelves and their freezer compartments are filled to the brim with dieting foods - from frozen dinners to packed snacks, and even ready to eat finger foods. Not only are these very expensive, but many of them offer a false sense of complacency as to their effectiveness in weight control. It may sound incredible, but recent studies show that people who have tried to go on a diet rich with processed "diet" foods actually gain a substantial 20% more of their initial weight. This is caused by the high amounts of preservatives and extenders that these processed foods contain.

And to make matters worse, many people who try these foods do not read product labels, especially the part where it is indicated as to how much portions or servings one should take per meal. The natural tendency is to consume the entire contents of the package. Most of these ready made diet foods are actually made for consumptions between 4 to 5 meals.

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Quick Tips For Quick Fat Loss

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This article was published on 2010/04/03