Panchakarma for Detoxification of Body

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Modern day lifestyle causes several health related problems to human and body is no exception. Toxins get into the body through food, air, water, and various other ways and corrupt the immune system. Moreover, heavy drinking, smoking, higher level of stress, chemical medication, etc. only aggravate the situation. When toxins get accumulated in the body, they steer problems in the form of diseases and disorders that can even cause severe damage to health.

Western medicines so far have not been able to clean toxins safely and effectively from human’s body; however, Ayurveda tend to have a solution for it in the form of Panchakarma. Panchakarma is detoxification and rejuvenation of body. It steer clears deep-seated toxins naturally and that too without any side effects. Panchakarma in Ayurvedic treatment emphasizes in preventing and healing therapies using various purification and rejuvenation methods.

Ayurveda believes in ‘Tridosha’ as according to it human being is a unique phenomenon of cosmic energy and there are ‘Tridosha’ e.g. Vata - Air, Pitta - Fire and Kapha - Water. Each of the three elements manifest three characteristics and each individual's constitution has its own unique balance of the three mentioned ‘dosha.’ Problem starts when there is some imbalance in the three ‘dosha’ and body gets severe health problems e.g. disease, disorder, weak immune system, etc.

Panchakarma or five actions in Ayurveda forms a major part in treatment of ailments. It is often considered a sort of purification and detoxification process that cleanses and rejuvenates the body, mind and consciousness. Enhancing the overall health and wellness and helping in self-healing, Panchakarma offers several advantages e.g. elimination of toxins and toxic conditions from person’s body and mind and a perfect health condition.

Additionally, Panchakarma restores person's constitutional balance as it improves health and wellness by improving the immune system and vitality. Nevertheless, apart from strengthening the bodily immune system, Panchakarma gives potent to resist common illnesses and psychological disorders that may have otherwise been present in the body. All those who are on the verge of getting old and worried about ageing may take the recourse of Panchakarma as it reverses the negative effects of stress on the person's body and mind and slows down the aging process.

Panchakarma is highly reliable Ayurvedic treatment that enhances person's self-reliance and gives strength and makes him full of energy. Providing vitality and mental clarity, Panchakarma is meant to provide deep relaxation and sense of well-being.

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Panchakarma for Detoxification of Body

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Panchakarma for Detoxification of Body

This article was published on 2011/09/15