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The concept of an individual may be convicted based solely on her intelligence level of his IQ has been challenged and replaced by the hypothesis of "multiple intelligences" as proposed by psychologist Howard Gardner in the 1990s. Other "intelligences," like space, mathematics, music, linguistic, interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal, kinesthetic, and was mentioned by him. The theory implies that people may or may not excel in any aspect of "intelligence". In essence this means that an individual may be extremely gifted in music and utterly incapable of doing math, or vice versa. Emotional intelligence and social intelligence has been popularized by Daniel Goldman. They are different and not necessarily associated with other forms of intelligence.

Kinesthetic intelligence developed what is called "Body Intelligence". It is the individual to understand and interpret his body and the signals it sends to indicate, for example, its position in the environment, compared to the surrounding experience, pain and pressure so on. This is not the understanding of anatomy and physiology, as taught in medical schools. Far from it! Nor an understanding of anatomy / physiology automatically embody Intelligence.

Each of us perceive our bodies in specific ways. Some are instinctively aware of his body, its position, the center of gravity, optimum operating capacity, while some are very confused. This becomes obvious when one teaches fitness.

The intelligence of the body is composed of three "pillars" as they are called. It can be described as body awareness, knowledge and commitment.

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This is an opportunity for an individual to be very attentive to the signals of his body sent him to warn him. For example, say that the customer has damaged his knee. She feels uncomfortable, sometimes severe pain. She chooses to ignore, however, and continues to train. It reached a point where the ankle is getting worse. When she finally saw a doctor, she found a fracture that requires prolonged standing or even surgery. The updating of the signals your body sends you, can affect your well-being.

body awareness is to recognize the energy levels and what can be done. Ignoring this can lead customers to perform beyond their borders to destruction. Adagios as "No pain, no gain" has led to the deliberate killing of body awareness of where they believe customers should push forward, despite the threat of injury.

body awareness is the ability of individuals to be careful where and how his body is placed in relation to the environment and the rest of his body during physical activity, movement, and so on. It may seem like common sense to emulate the look behind the coach is running a single. Not all customers, however, can not do. Instructions can have repeatedly done in two stages a series of practical adjustments and so on. "Straighten your back ',' consolidate your Core ',' Drop your shoulders" may seem innocent and simple commands in the classroom. It 'absolutely amazing, however, take the majority of beginners exercise does not have a clue how to do it. They are able to distinguish and work their muscles, although significant, when the muscle is, how it works and so on. They may carry a potentially dangerous move, without being aware of the risks. Most of this, however, he learned the time and effort (and instructor to be patient and understanding!).

awareness of the body can be improved by putting clients through the practice of awareness as "body scanners", the contraction-relaxation exercises, progressive relaxation techniques, practicing in front of a mirror, and meditation and on.


There is a plethora of information about online fitness, media and against all forms of (often unwanted) sources. The information is not knowledge. The source of information for questioning. Reading of authentic and reliable sources of information is important to keep educated. Beware of victims of simple publicity, as opposed to scientific facts. In the endless quest for the "perfect body", are people who want to use something, the sooner the better.

Knowledge refers also to learn more about their own bodies, their functioning and deficiencies in the order they are relatively well educated about it. That would mean paying visits to your doctor about screening protocols, such as Pap tests, monitors, diabetes, thyroid tests and keep up with your own tracking system. Would also be educated about food. No, you do not need a degree in nutrition, but certainly need to include enough food, food groups, portion sizes to participate in a healthy diet throughout life for you and your family and not be attracted by strange diets and advice.


It is the ability of individuals to practice what is required to have a healthier body. It requires a certain amount of commitment and dedication. Many clients have body awareness and / or knowledge, but is unable to actually apply what they know is true. The reasons are varied. Most board excuses the lack of time and motivation. Whatever the reason, just to have body awareness and knowledge, but does not practice what you know to be useful is not having good Intelligence Council.

A working mother, for example, hard to find time to fit in a workout. It can have a very high degree of awareness of body, namely his knees with his protest weight gain, aware that it is not enough sleep, and certainly not to eat vegetables / fruits. She also knows what to do about it. But to really get to the dilemma.

Individual high level of engagement, but no body awareness and knowledge, or cause a serious problem. Such individuals are more prone to accidents. Their enthusiasm can make their lack of awareness and knowledge, but it also exposed them to self-sabotage!

It is therefore important to improve intelligence and his body workout. A higher level of the whole body of intelligence tends to keep customers more likely to adhere to their fitness plans, or at least back to the chair every time you fall. Teaching coaches and fitness instructors should be aware of these components of the intelligence agencies and improve individually to educate customers and keep them healthy.


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Listening your Body Signals

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Listening your Body Signals

This article was published on 2011/06/06