Keep your body baby soft with body lotions and massage oils

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During the hectic working schedule, it is has become difficult for everyone to pay proper attention on their body due to which body suffers from various kinds of health and skin problems. However, health problems can be taken care by regular medical check-up but mostly all of us fail to take care of skin. This makes body ail with various skin problems, like rashes on skin, itchy skin, dryness, eczema, etc. Therefore, now-a-days, the trend of spas can be seen picking up fast in almost every city. Besides these spa centres, there is a huge fleet of body lotion and body massage oil available in market, by application of which a person can prevent his body from kind of skin diseases. There are many stores now in India also that specially deal with bath and body works. These sell many kinds of oils, massagers, fragrance oils, therapeutic candles, anti-bacterials, etc. To name a few brands, Shenaz's, Habib's are doing pretty good business. Body and Bath Works is an exclusive store, American, selling its products all over the world, online also. There are a few body salts that could be found only at Bath and Body Works. Apart from this, proper application of body lotion and body massage oil at regular intervals provides relaxation to body after long hours of body aching work at office. This article is designed to focus on different kind of body lotions and body massage oils.

Let us begin with body massage oil. Since forever massage with oils have been regarded the best treatment for relaxing the body and making it strong and tough. It would be important to mention here that body massage is necessary for every human being regardless of gender and age. Body massage has been highly appraised by Ayurveda also, in fact at present various types of ayurvedic body massage oils are highly acclaimed throughout the world. The need of body massage with oil generally begins when body gets dry and abrasion appears on body results in pain and heat. Proper massage with oil reduces these abrasions and removes pain and heat from body. Body massage oil provides essential nutrients for skin and helps in strengthening the nerve fibres that are attached with hair cavities. It is also recommended that application of body massage oil on the belly-button before sleeping in the night controls dryness from whole body. Similarly, when body massage oil is applied on spine and skull they maintain control on nervous system, strengthens memory and also strengthen eyesight.

In Ayurveda, there are different types of body massage oils. A kind of body massage oil for women and children can be made by mixing 4 cups of sesame oil, with 2 tablespoons of almond oil, wheat germ oil and jasmine oil. Body massage oil for man involves 4 cups of sesame oil and then adding 2 tablespoons of mustard oil, and 0.5 teaspoon of asafoetida. Filter the mustard oil and mix three tablespoon of turmeric powder and keep the mixture to boil till turmeric changes into dark brown. After that mix sesame oil to the mixture. A few of famous Ayurvedic body massage oils are Bringaraj oil, Brahmi oil, and Mahanarayana oil.

Like body massage oils, there are various body lotions available in market which play a vital role in moisturizing body from dryness. For the proper application of body lotion, it is necessary that it should be properly applied on every part of body. The proper application body lotion involves taking of huge amount of lotion in hands that may reach properly to every part of body smoothly. Start application of body lotion from ankles and then moving upwards. It is also important to keep in notice that lotion should not be applied by rubbing hands up and down, but should be applied clockwise by hand palms. Application of lotion with little pressure on skin and muscles gives a smooth massage to these parts of body. ith proper use of body lotions and body massage oils, we can keep our body free dryness and various kinds of skin diseases but massage with oil also relaxes body from tough body aching.

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Keep your body baby soft with body lotions and massage oils

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This article was published on 2012/03/02