Importance of Wearing Body Armor

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Law enforcement officers and military personnel put their lives at risk not just for one or two days, but almost daily. They require extra protection in order to save their own lives. Ballistic helmets, body armor, tactical boots and rifles or pistols are few of the most essential tactical gear that military and law enforcement personnel need to wear. While these officials risk their lives to ensure safety of the society and country, their own safety is also of utmost importance. It's imperative for the officials who are in charge of protecting the society to be covered and fully protected from top to bottom, so that they are not heavily injured.

Earlier, warriors used metal plates to protect themselves from their enemies in the war. Nowadays, military and law enforcement personnel wear body armor to protect their torsos. They are exposed to various handguns and rifle threats most of the times. While they are engaged in a combat, there are chances of them getting injured by bullets and shrapnel. Concealed body armor is the best safety gear for the brave heroes. The armor suits worn few decades back were heavy for the combatants. But the ones manufactured nowadays are of lightweight and they even offer greater mobility. Thus, the military and law enforcement officials can move at a fast pace with the modern armor suits on.

Since, body armor is meant to protect the lives of law enforcement and military officials; it needs to be made out of the highest quality. The material that is used in making body armors is stronger than steel, so that the energy of the bullet shots is dispersed, thus resulting only in bruises. Even though the body armor prevents the bullets from piercing the body of the wearer, the impact can cause blunt trauma injuries. There is a high probability for these kinds of impacts to cause internal injuries to the wearer. Though police and military force do not find it necessary to use a trauma plate, it can offer great protection and minimize the impact level.

It has been proved that those who do not wear body armor are seriously injured by gunshots than those who use the protective gear on a regular basis. Apart from offering a great level of protection to the wearer, the armor also offers extremer comfort, with adjustability feature. The protective body armor has pockets, in the front as well as backside that are suitable to carry ceramic ballistic plates. For higher level of ballistic protection, level III and IV plates can be chosen. These plates act as a barrier, by stopping grenade shrapnel, high powered and piercing rifles from entering into the torso of the wearer. For less risky jobs, ballistic plates that offer minimum protection can be used. Thus, usage of body armor has become inevitable in police as well as military forces.

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Importance of Wearing Body Armor

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This article was published on 2010/12/29
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