How to analyze people on sight: Book Review

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This book written by Elsie and Ralph Lincoln Benedict is an interesting and helpful guide to understand the basic human quality of a person by closely observing his body. Once the basic type is understood , it is easy to deal with the person in a suitable manner.
The key to mastering this analysis is concentration and practice.
Five pure types
There are five pure types which are the result of over development of one of the biological systems of the body. 
1. The Alimentive- The nutritive system here is overdeveloped. A person with this body type can be called 'the enjoyer'. The physical description is fat, round face with immature features , small feet and a rounded body outline. 
The Alimentive is desirous of comfort , lives to eat and make merry. He believes in life is what you make it theory and is the life of the party with funny stories and a pleasant manner. He avoids any conflict and likes complacence. He is considered to be the 'baby ' among all other types. He is unaware of what's going on behind his back. He doesn't bother with non personal issues.
His strengths are  harmony , peace loving nature and optimism
His weaknesses are over indulgence , laziness and inertia.
2. The Thoracic: The circulatory system here is overdeveloped. A person with this body type can be called 'the thriller'. The physical description is high chest, kite shaped face, long pointed palms, stately manner  and extraordinary grace.
The thoracic is desirous of Admiration . He is highly emphatic. He is generally the best dressed in the room . He has highly developed senses and  portrays various emotions rapidly. He is a good actor and generally a good singer. He is very interested in people , a charming conversationalist. Impression on other people to him is most important.
His strengths: Quick physical energy , adaptability, social skills
His weaknesses: Super sensitiveness and excitability, irresponsibility.
3.The Muscular : the muscle system is highly developed. A person with this body type can be called 'the worker'. The physical description is square face ,shoulders , medium height , thick neck and strong jaw. 
The muscular is firm and works hard. He has square hands and spatulate fingers making him good at artistic work. He is the most active of all types. He does not like inertness . He has a simple soul which wants to make progress in practical aspects of life. He does not forgive quickly and hates snobs. He is sincere and straightforward.
His strengths: Hardworking nature and ability to defend the weak
His weaknesses: tends to overwork and fight
4. The Osseus: The bony system is highly developed. A person with this body type can be called 'the stayer'.The physical description is extremely tall , large bones for his body. He is stable and steady. He doesn't easily change opinions. He is a man of slow movements. He does not forgive ;nor does he forget. He is conventional. He is more self controlled than an other types. He resists change. He likes to oppose and loves responsibility He is very loyal to his few friends and is always there when anybody needs him.
His strengths: Honesty, determination and dependability.
His weaknesses: Stubbornness,coldness, slowness, over cautiousness.
5.The Cerebral: The nervous system is highly developed .A person with this body type can be called 'the thinker'. The physical description is triangular head, overdeveloped skull, thin , delicate fingers and an underdeveloped digestive system. He loves to think, meditate and reflect. He is a dreamer. He loves to live with his thoughts and feels like he does not belong in the real world. He prefers to sit and not move around much. He doesn't like the limelight. He doesn't care for money.
His strengths: Progressiveness, thinking capacity
His weaknesses: dreaminess and impracticality, tendency to plan and not execute.
Why is this important knowledge?
A person who learns this can better himself and learn to live harmoniously with others. He can also know his primary and secondary types which will help him decide the suitable partner in his life; someone who has the basic similar type and slight differences to be able to balance his nature. It is truly a wonderful book and makes an excellent read.


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How to analyze people on sight: Book Review

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How to analyze people on sight: Book Review

This article was published on 2013/02/11