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Calamine lotion is one of the natural remedies for hives (Urticaria) when it is applied to the area that is affected. Calamine lotion provides some relief from constant itching.

There is some relief when magnesia milk is applied on the lesions. The magnesia milk has alcalescent solution that helps in the removal of the itchy sensation that is very irritating.

Warm water that is filled halfway  to a  container  then mixed with  half cup of  cornstarch and  half a cup of  baking soda is  among the natural remedies  for hives (Urticaria)  that stop itching.  It makes a big difference when one soaks in the solution at least one time each day.

Application of gel that is obtained from aloe Vera or oil that contains vitamin E to the area that is affected for at least two times in a day provides some relief.

Nettle tea is also one of the effective natural remedies for hives (Urticaria).  The nettle tea is prepared by mixing two teaspoons of powder nettles with hot water.  Natural honey or a lemon that is freshly squeezed can be added to make it tastier but this is optional.

Cayenne pepper is among the natural remedies for hives (Urticaria). It reduces swelling and speeds up the process of healing. The pepper that is in natural form is more effective than the one which is in form of capsule.

Green tea is among natural remedies for hives (Urticaria) that contain natural antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Hives is a condition in which the body of the affected person gets rings and patches all over the body. These rings and patches always appear in groups and thus the skin gets red swelling. This condition is caused due to some allergy but there are patients that have got hives even if there is no allergy.

If in your family anyone had this condition then there are more chances of you getting affected with this condition. Hives can also be caused if your body gets too much exposed to extreme temperatures. Hives can be cured with various home remedies for hives. Hence there is no need to consult your doctor but in case your symptoms doesn't disappear within a week then better to show the patches to the doctor.

Home remedies for Hives:

Try to observe carefully that what is it that is causing hives. Once you know that it is caused due to allergy to particular thing, and then you can avoid using that thing. As it is if cause is known, then the remedy can be tried so that it cures the hives fast and effectively.

If due to hives you are also getting itching and your skin is getting too much irritating, then you should apply milk of magnesia on the rings and patches, as it will give quick relief from the itching.

Keep the rings and patches very clean and apply cold water over them, so that the pain and itching will reduce.

In your bathing water add half-cup baking soda and half-cup cornstarch. Soak your body in this water for about half an hour on a daily basis. This will also reduce the rings and patches from your skin.

Chamomile tea and peppermint tea both are very effective in reducing the stress. Stress is also one of the reasons behind getting hives. Hence those suffering with hives should drink this tea at least once in a day.

Applying vitamin E oil over the rings and patches will reduce them fast. You can also apply aloe Vera gel over the affected body parts, as it gives relief form the itching and irritability of the skin.

Include food items that will give your body vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc in greater amounts.

Many people have allergy to food items like, peanuts, chocolates, cheese, berries, eggs, tomatoes, shellfish, soy products and many other things. This allergy can also be the cause behind getting hives. Hence you must avoid eating the food items that you are allergic to.

Apply any body lotion that suits your skin type. The lotion will keep the rings and patches hydrated and moist. This will help them in healing fast.

Nettle tea is also effective in reducing the stress. You can add one teaspoon of honey or lemon to make it taste better.

Acupressure is also believed to be one of the best home remedies for hives. This will keep the muscles and nerves strain free.

Mix oatmeal and cornstarch together and make a paste by adding some water. Apply this paste on the affected body part and keep for 30 minutes. This will give instant relief form the hives.

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Calamine lotion is one of the natural remedies for hives (Urticaria) when it is applied to the area that is affected. Calamine lotion provides some relief from constant itching.

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Home Remedies For Hives (Urticaria)

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Home Remedies For Hives (Urticaria)

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