Health Benefits of Chlorella

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Commonly referred to as Nature’s Healer, Chlorella is a fresh water algae that is used with great effect in herbal medicine. This algae is a rich source of chlorophyll, perhaps the best source in natural form. Chlorella is believed to rejuvenate the human body as well as improve energy levels when ingested regularly. These benefits make Chlorella a wonderful supplement especially for older people.

Superfood Chlorella

Chlorella is called a superfood with good reason. Its has many beneficial components including amino acids, proteins, fiber, vitamins, nucleic acids and minerals, in addition to being the richest source of chlorophyll. There are more than 20 minerals and vitamins in this wonder food. Vegetarians are particularly benefited by adding this natural product to their food because it contains significant amounts of L-lysine and L-phenylalanine, that are essential acids that are lacking in vegetarian diet. The algae also contains many branched chain amino acids that are critical for muscle building and tissue repair. This is why many athletes take chlorella on a regular basis.

Detoxifying Action

The presence of chlorophyll in Chlorella makes it a most effective detoxifying agent. This algae improves the cleansing of the bowels and liver and also purifies the blood. Chlorella is used with good effects in treating anaemia too. By cleansing the blood and improving circulation, Chlorella also improves the level of oxygen carried to the brain. In turn, this boosts mental capacities and keeps mental fatigue away.

Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF)

Chlorella’s nucleus contains CGF which has some truly amazing rejuvenating properties. CGF contains RNA and DNA and these help cell growth and repair. Those who ingest this fresh water algae on a regular basis are more immune to various diseases, even serious ones like cancer because T and B lymphocyte, interferon and TNF production in the body is significantly enhanced. The presence of high levels of RNA and DNA make this algae the ideal anti aging supplement to keep both body and mind young through advancing age.

Boosts Brain Activity

Many older people have experienced the remarkable effects of Chlorella on brain activity. As the body ages, it is common for memory problems to start making an appearance. Many herbalists recommend the regular use of Chlorella for the elderly to keep their minds agile and alert. Many older people who do follow this advice report that they have found remarkable improvement in their ability to focus and comprehend.

Improves Immunity

Old age is also a time when our age weakened body is more susceptible to various infections. Our compromised immune system is to blame for this. Chlorella helps improve the body’s immunity against viruses and bacteria so that you do not fall prey to frequent infections. This algae has a compound that acts as a natural antibiotic. This antibiotic eliminates harmful bacteria and viruses while leaving helpful bacteria unharmed.

In addition to the disease fighting properties of Chlorella, it is also very helpful in improving digestion. As digestive problems are common as age advances, ingesting this algae makes for better overall health in the elderly because it ensures that the nutrients in the food are absorbed to the optimum by the body. By improving resistance to infections, detoxifying the body and helping absorption of nutrients along, Chlorella is truly a superfood that the elderly can use to keep fit.

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Health Benefits of Chlorella

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