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Five principles for fitness and weight loss walking.
To achieve the weight loss of fitness walking, you need to master the correct way to have quality, quantity take each step:
First, most of us every step of the life, work, go to the toilet on a few steps when you want to use; Resolutely give up the elevator and down stairs; work, lunch break will never just outside stroll. Hearts always thinking about: I walked every step of the exercise are.
Second, talk about posture, should Beiyao very up, feet 10 toes toward the direction of walking, every step of the toes to force every step of the muscles of the body involved as much as possible, have the bounce back the feeling.
Must: the third, walking exercise time, and quantity, given the strength. Because persistent causes the body to stimulate a movement regulating the physical state of the "valve" fully open to protect the exercise harvest.
"Time" means that you are going to "aerobic fitness stride" exercise, you must be timed. At a fixed time every day to walk, your body will go to the memory, will follow the adjustment, and thus play a role in the control of blood pressure, blood lipids, blood glucose, blood viscosity and erythrocyte quality, etc.
The so-called quantitative refers to the amount of exercise is relatively fixed, for example, walk three kilometers or 30 minutes to go. Set the time, or the time to go the distance.
Scheduled strength is strength to be fixed, but the strength is not the bigger the better, while the medium to.
IV, pulse of the master standard during walking exercise: x1.8 basis based on the underlying pulse x1.4~ pulse, pulse is the best security for your campaign}.V, the best exercise period at 3 o'clock in the afternoon until 9 o'clock at night on foot. Especially in the blood is not normal, blood sugar is not particularly stable or already suffering from diabetes, or heart patients should choose this time.
A tight training muscles: seat state of the upper body straight, legs straight and close. The first step first the right leg plate in a straight left leg. Re-use both hands to lift the leg, and as close as possible to the body;
Slowly count to 5:00 to the squat, so thigh and leg was bent at right, squat like horse training; Then count to 10 o'clock to slowly get up, slow and bottom clamping, thigh to push the body stands straight, Maintain the position after 10-15 seconds to relax, and back to the left leg, according to the individual circumstances can repeatedly do, are subject to less fatigue.
Often let the legs to walk freely, to take the stairs to take the elevator less, and occasionally Pei-ling low-heeled shoes, beauty leg.

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Get health life from walking

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Get health life from walking

This article was published on 2012/03/04