Dr. Mercola Peak 8 Exercises And Fitness Training Program Reviews

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If you are looking for a great exercise program that has very interesting results for the body then the Peak 8 fitness program is one worth looking into.  It has some fundamental core beliefs which cause the average Joe to want to try this type of exercise program.  If you have not reached your best body yet and you have tried other programs that have not yielded the results that you are looking for then consider Peak 8.

The Peak 8 exercise program will not only change the way your body looks but will change the way your body works as well.  The program sort of fine tunes the body by reducing certain anti-aging properties in the body.  It will scientifically reduce telomere shortening which literally can stop cellular aging in the body which is why we get older due to the aging of our cells.

The second benefit to the body from Peak training is the intensity and method of training causes the body to produce more hgh or human growth hormone which will slow down the aging of the body.  An increase of HGH in the body helps to keep the muscles strong, burn fat, and is essential to staying healthy.  As we age our body does not produce enough hgh which is needed to maintain a healthy strong body.  There is a need to increase hgh production so our bodies can maintain a healthy state of well being well into our years.

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The simplicity of the Peak 8 program is that anyone can do the exercises and no special equipment is needed.  The other unique facet is there is no need to train more than 20 minutes.  We have become accustomed to thinking training for an hour or more is better but with Peak training all it takes to get a great workout that produces healthy results is 20 minutes.  These exercises are to be done no more than 3 times a week.

The gist of Peak 8 is to raise your heart rate up to your anaerobic threshold and you try and stay there at that high level for as long as you can.  After you finish that then you rest for 90 seconds and continue this same process for 8 repetitions.  This type of high level training raises your hgh production.


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Dr. Mercola Peak 8 Exercises And Fitness Training Program Reviews

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This article was published on 2010/12/25