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Myths and Storytelling

Learning is about Discovery, Growth and Understanding. We integrate it into our way of thinking and our lives change. Our lives change because our perceptions change. We may have adopted a notion about something and through mass misunderstanding the 'myth becomes fact'. People used to wash their hands in DDT thinking that it was harmless. Nowadays we know the skin will absorb many chemicals including Hormones and Nicotine. Another source is 'Story telling'. Where it was used to explain phenomena over the centuries but is taken out of it's 'context'. Each generation questions with a healthy skepticism. These regular tests of our understanding of what we think is science and religion keeps us moving forward towards enlightenment as individuals and as a population.

When I started researching Radionics I had a 'swag' loaded with misconceptions, false beliefs and silly notions. These discoveries listed below have occurred by accident, by observation, by necessity or simply over time become an unchanging fact or law of nature.

Reversing illness and aging.

When I first began researching with Radionics the idea of actually 'reversing aging' sounded somewhat 'mythical'. Over the years I have been curious to see if my initial observations were true. I have concluded that with ongoing regular treatment, Radionics remedies and formulas will reverse the entire body to a much 'younger' condition. This is now widely accepted as a fact in other health fields as well. It does however depend on adopting a very 'pro-active' stance in: looking after your body, utilizing the latest natural therapeutic treatments and being careful on every day things like food, lifestyle and the environment you live in.

Recovering hair colour.

Initially reports would come to my office from elderly clients saying that their 'hair turned a darker shade' while I was treating them with Radionics. As my need to control my Grey became a necessity I began to do trials of my own. I found that if I made up a straight 'radionic formula' and potentized it to stimulate the hair follicle and all it's supporting cellular structures I could indeed reverse and control the greyness in my hair. The curious thing was that it changed a darker colour in my clients and myself BEFORE it grew out. The pigment is somehow still present within the hair!.

Restarting menstruation.

These are true and real occurrences in my client treatment history. In the past we haven't really known how much further we can influence the human body. When discussing treatment initially with this client I intuitively started to talk to her about the possibility of her 'restarting' menstruation. My thoughts centered around whether a busy, stressful life had 'prematurely switched off' her menstruation cycle. Sure enough several weeks after starting her treatment she started her periods once again. Her 'biological clock' had been 'reset' back to the original healthy design for her age.

Let me hear your body talk.

Body talk and 'listening' to it is so essential to keeping track of whether you are:
1. Healthy and if not exactly where. Your body will tell you!.
2. Have you made good changes or negative changes. Is your condition improving?.
3. Are you understanding the 'language' your body is sending you. You have your own uniqueness!.
4. Whether you are working with this or against it. Making correct choices takes practice.

The 'physical adjustment experience' may manifest: physically in an organ contraction or adjustment, or an emotional release from a past trauma as an etherized 'bubble' emanating from the solar plexus (soccer ball size) or a mental release which might send my nervous system into a 'reverse shock mode' for 10 seconds or it may manifest in an intense dream.. Any combination is possible. The 'higher self' orchestrates the release automatically. The trick is to 'go with the flow' and surrender!. It's all good. The more you build your 'awareness' to your own 'body language', the more you RELAX INTO what is happening to you and where you are going!.

I discovered early that keeping this 'channel of communication' open was a key step in being able to track my progress. I will feel an effect from a new remedy on the first or second day. Invariably, it will begin with a sneeze a moment after receiving the 'transmitted remedy'. I will experience a sensation somewhere. It will build and become so obvious that I will begin to focus my awareness on it. It will then take the form of some kind of 'body release'. Seeing and experiencing these releases with each new remedy reminds me that I am a part of this profound thing called 'LIFE'!.

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Changing Perceptions

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This article was published on 2010/04/02