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Knowing your body type allows you to find clothes that flatter your figure. At the same time, it also allows you to hide problem areas to make you look better. Here are some of the common body types and advice on how to flatter each.

  • Apple: Those with apple body types are generally defined as round. Since jeans won’t be flattering, go for wide-legged, tailored denim trousers instead. And if you’re using skirts, make sure they are side-fastening and flat-fronted in order to avoid adding extra bulk. Wearing wedge shoes also shows off your shapely calves and sculpted ankles to complete the look.
  • Hourglass: Hourglass figures are essentially the ideal figure for women – big boobs, short waists and all. To accentuate your assets, build a wardrobe filled with V-neck tops, fitted cardigans, as well as pencil skirts. As for shoes, avoid stilettos. Peeptoes will look better on you.
  • Skittle: Skittles have long and slim tops with wide bottoms. As opposed to the pear that has problem areas around the butt, skittles worry more about their thighs. To remedy the situation, use vertical patterns to slim the bottom-half of your body. Look for coats with broad lapels as they draw attention to your shoulders, accentuating your thin torso. Because you might have a problem with short legs, high and chunky heels are in order.
  • Vase: Vases are most similar to hourglasses although with flatter bottoms. Sharp, tailored clothes are ideal, with wide, scooping necklines that helps balance out your chest along with the rest of your body.
  • Cornet: Cornets are the athletically built types. But while they may feel inferior compared to their more voluptuous friends, cornets are actually the body types that fashion designers are looking for. If you’re a cornet, you can create an illusion of curves by wearing a draping dress. Skinny jeans are also to your best advantage while delicate heels will work best with your slim calves and ankles.
  • Lollipop: Lollipops have big boobs and thin bodies. This makes them perfect for all sorts of evening gown. If you’re a lollipop, though, you might have a problem with everyday clothes because your body type makes tops too tight, sleeves too short, and pants look high-waisted. Here’s the solution: To accentuate your slim legs, wear slim heels. To direct attention away from the chest area, dresses cinched at the waist are ideal. Bell-bottoms make your top look less heavy.
  • Column: Column body types are tall and that’s not a problem since they carry clothes quite well. To break up the height though, pleats and gatherings on shirts will help while a chiffon dress softens the body’s overall shape, giving a more feminine figure.
  • Bell: The bells’ main problem lies in the bottom-half of the body. During summer, thigh-thinning kaftans are great while funnel-shaped create shoulders that are broader to balance out the heaviness at the bottom.
  • Goblet: Goblets are square and heavy at the top and balanced and elegant at the bottom. Deep and wide v-neck tops cut the chest area into half while fitted skirts show off the goblet’s amazing legs.
  • Cello: The cello has broad shoulders, big boobs, and similarly sized butt and thighs which can make them feel insecure to petite frames. To add shape to boobs, cellos can wear v-necks. To hold down the tummy and butt area, look for sewn-down paneling on skirts. Wedges will do wonders for you since they support upper legs while accentuating ankles.
  • Pear: Pears worry the most about saddlebags and undefined ankles and calves but are blessed with redeeming qualities above the waist. Since saddlebags pose problems, avoid pants with side pockets and go for flat-fronted ones. Straight boots are great for 
  • Brick: Bricks have masculine shapes—no waists, flat butts, straight legs, and broad shoulders. To add a more feminine touch, go for tops with details (such as sequins) and asymmetrically-pleated skits that lift the butt. To add more curves, round-toe shoes are ideal.

Stay fashionable

Don’t feel bad if you don’t have a supermodel figure. This doesn’t mean that you can’t be beautiful. Just wear what flatters you and don’t forget your confidence. If you have any questions regarding fashion, you can jointhe debate at web sites like StyleFlair.Com. Aside from getting your questions answered, you can also check out available products and services to ensure that your wardrobe always stays updated and suited to your body type.

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Body type fashion advice

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