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Body jewelery has been in use since the ancient times, although it's function has undergone mammoth change following the ages of evolution. In it's current avatar, it is not merely a beauty accessory, but also a style statement. Strategically worn body jewelry attracts attention to one's most beautiful features, while taking away the attention from the other body parts.

Options in Body jewelery

Fashion jewelery or costume jewelery are available in a plethora of variety, designs and shapes. It includes:
Circular barbells
Flared plugs
Captive bead rings
Dermal anchors
Hollow plugs
Nose screws
Silver hoops
Nipple shields
Eyebrow barbells

Bio flexible jewelery is the latest item in vogue. These are made up of biocompatible and flexible materials, which decrease chances of swelling or infection. Piercing done with bio flexible materials heal faster than those with other materials.

Materials Used in Body jewelery

Gone are the days when jewelery was synonymous with precious metals. Today, body jewelery is available in a variety of affordable materials, such as steel, glass and even plastic. Of course the charm of a gold or platinum continues to enchant, yet cheaper, quality metal jewelry are also quite popular. For instance, trendy anodized steel jewelry in varied colors are in great demand today especially among youngsters.

The Lesser Known Body jewelery

Some less popular, but intriguing types of body jewelry are worn in:

Corset piercing: The corset piercing resembles the lacing pattern on the back of corsets. A minimum of four symmetrical piercings in two rows on the back constitute this type of piercing. Generally, captive bead rings are worn in the corset piercings. The risk associated with corset piercing healing has restricted its popularity.

Madison piercing: Named after the porn star Madison Stone, who first sported a piercing at the front of the neck. Surface bar and flexible barbells are usually worn in a Madison piercing. The chances of its healing are also low.
Hand web piercing: Body jewelry such as barbell or captive bead rings worn in between the web of fingers constitutes hand web piercings.

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