Body Building for Women-Right or Wrong?

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Body Building for Women

Body building for women is different for men. Men have a different physical and chemical composition and so the method is different. Men get beefed up and look like Arnold while woman create toned, lean bodies. They focus on losing fat and sculpting the body.

Men have testosterone-a hormone naturally found in the body-but women do not. Female body builder's that you may have seen on shows, competitions and photo galleries with massive muscles are not always the result of great healthy body building practice but quite often of a synthetic.

Artificial testosterone supplements do not need to be a part of a female body builder's diet. Women can carry out the same workout philosophies and training regime as men. These key philosophies are:


  • Eat a well balanced diet.

  • Create a balanced work out plan with plenty of rest.

  • Focus on straining the muscles when you train to maximise the results.

  • Have a good cardiovascular workout plan.

Eating the right foods

A good source of fibres, carbohydrates, unsaturated fats, proteins, vitamins and sugars are all needed for a body building program. Eating at least 5 times a day will provide you with the energy you need to build muscle and shape your body.


Some women prefer cardio over weights, this is fine, you just have to plan your routine during your week accordingly. For example you can do weight training 3 times a week and cardio twice a week. A healthy heart means prolonged activity and increased physical and mental stamina so cardio training is as important as the main muscle training.


Here is where you will need to "rip" the muscles and you can do this by straining them through resistance training otherwise known as weight training. As you train you may need to add more resistance to your work out to push the muscles to work that extra bit more. However ripping alone is not enough, adequate rest periods taken between work out sessions and days are just as important as the work day. During these days your body gets to work on repairing your ripped, damaged muscles and in doing they become larger in the process.

It is great to hear and see more women taking an interest in the way their bodies look and feel. Body building is great for self-esteem, having a sporting edge, improved physical health, strength and yes, you can look like that Hollywood star you've always aspired towards. So get training but train healthy, synthetic free and start to feel good about yourself. Keep reading as there are more great advice, tips and training techniques for you to try and implement into your new or existing regime to get that body you've always wanted!


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Body Building for Women-Right or Wrong?

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This article was published on 2012/02/28