Amenorrhea, Absence of Menstruation

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The absence of menstrual periods in more than three cycles may be due to abnormalities in ovulation, eating disorders, excessive exercise, and thyroid disorders in obesity. Faced with this problem, Homeopathy offers excellent treatment.

Menstruation is cyclical process that occurs approximately every 28 days, during which a moderate amount of blood removed from the uterus or womb, which is the result of detachment of the cover (endometrium). This is because the structure undergoes certain hormonal deprivation decreases blood flow and causes the scaling.

In this context, note that the statistics of the health institutions estimates that up to 52% of women experience some menstrual disorder, one of the most common amenorrhea or absence of menstruation.

This alteration is associated with imbalance in the production of hormones and is usually treated by hormone therapy, or surgery for uterine fibroids (noncancerous tumors) or endometriosis (emergence and growth of endometrial tissue outside the uterus, particularly in the cavity pelvic).

For such alterations Homeopathy offers holistic treatments by which it is possible to balance the female body at the hormonal level, emotional and mental, since the drugs work with the immune system smoothly and without causing side effects.

The origin of amenorrhea can be varied, although the clinical experiences have shown that the most common factors that are associated with it include stress, poor diet and psychological disorders. According to the specialist, the condition under consideration is classified into two groups:
* Primary. It covers the cases of women who have had their first menstrual period at age 16.
* High. It is a condition in which menstrual periods at a time were normal, they become increasingly uncomfortable, irregular and disappear.

The causes of amenorrhea are different and it depends if the problem is primary or secondary:
Gestation. Pregnant women do not ovulate for 40 weeks, causing menstruation to be suspended during this period.
Changes in ovulation. In this case, the structures that form the eggs reach maturity present problems, which causes ovulation does not occur or is very sporadic.
Birth defects. When menstruation does not occur in young women 16 years of age, can be suspected anatomic abnormality present at birth.
Eating Disorders. Those with anorexia and / or bulimia experienced absence of menstruation because they maintain very low body weight and low fat reserves, which are essential in the production of hormones.
Excessive exercise. It affects women athletes because the long and arduous training reduces fat levels in your body.
Disorder in the thyroid gland. This structure may be running slow (hypothyroidism) or fast (hyperthyroidism), which causes insufficient quantities are produced or raised, respectively, of thyroid hormones. The latter help to maintain healthy cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems, as well as appropriate bodily responses in terms of heat production, oxygen consumption and regulation of other hormonal systems. The reduction and increased work of the gland produces menstrual disorders such as amenorrhea.
Mental health problems. Includes conditions such as depression, stress and trauma, which can disturb the process of ovulation.
Obesity. Women with high number of overweight also often experience amenorrhea, because excess of adiposities (cells that form the fatty tissue in the body) interferes with ovulation.

In cases of amenorrhea, homeopathic physicians assess symptoms, personal and physical and emotional problems of patients, as they are key to determining how the female body reacts to the disturbance, and represent the physiological mechanisms to defend themselves and recover the physical health and mental health of your body.

It also indicates that these processes depend on complex system formed by the female body, which reacts in one way or another, producing different symptoms according to many factors. That is where homeopathy is practical solution as it is safe, effective and economical, and medications directly stimulate the body's defenses has already started. When there is no menstruation, it is necessary to help the system to stabilize hormonal physiological changes that occur in the ovulation cycle, in order of occurrence of menstrual discharge end.

Consider menstrual disorders may be more widespread symptom of imbalance in the body, which is why it is best to consult a doctor who treats you thoroughly, so that their health is harmonized and strengthened across the board.

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Amenorrhea, Absence of Menstruation

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This article was published on 2012/05/24
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