6 Natural Tips To Detoxify The Body

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There are moments when our human body just seems to suddenly tire all of a sudden. We tend to fell sluggish, our mind completely drained, utterly tired, and feels like wanting to just lie down and sleep. This is basically the time when our body is asking for a detoxification. Yes, detoxify your body and cleanse it so that it will get back to its normal state.

Detoxifying means eliminating all the impurities from our lungs, blood of liver, kidneys, and all the other vital organs that need it. Because it is only when we remove and cleanse off the toxins in our body by using healthy nutrients will our body can fully reach its optimum state once again. We usually get these harmful elements the food we eat, the air we breathe, and from all our daily activities. Toxin build-up will ultimately lead to a lot of illnesses. After the detoxification, our body will then again regain its healing ability that it naturally does.

There are times when during our most busy schedule we tend to neglect our body and its state of tiredness. When this happens, our natural system to heal slowly breaks down. Hence the need for the detoxifying. The first thing we should do is to stop adding toxins to our body. It is only through this means that we can take away all the harmful elements that should not be inside us, in the first place. Listed below are some of the natural and easy ways we can detoxify our body, but please take note that these ways should be done on a continuous basis.

  1. Try doing a juice fasting. This would basically mean drinking only vegetables and fruit juices like celery, apple, carrots, and all the other nutritious juices you could get your hand into. Also ideal for body detox are citrus fruits; these include lemon, oranges, lime, and also grapefruits. Doctors are even recommending 3-7 days of doing this fasting as a great way to take off those bad toxins.

  2. Try herbs, for a great change. Taking in herbals will surely cleanse and at the same time protect your liver. Taking teas like peony and green apple will also be superb.

  3. Aside form juice fasting, water fasting is also one of the best ways to have a body detox. In fact it is considered one of the toughest fasting that actually involves drinking and consuming water only and nothing more, for a number of days. But this has been proven effective since your body will not take in any other nutrients except the water, then nothing will stop it from detoxifying.

  4. Now is the time to change your lifestyle for the better. Try incorporating a healthy diet instead of your usual one. Take plenty of foods that are good for detoxification. Foods like fresh fruits and veggies, whole grain foods, broccoli, radish are some of those that will help in the process of cleansing your body. Start changing to a lesser meat and as much as possible stay away from the duo of meat and starch.

  5. Engaging in slow exercises like Tai Chi, Yoga, or Qigong will also help your body to cleanse and detoxify. These exercises will help your body system and will also have other benefits that will be healthy for the body.

  6. Finally, have some time just meant for yourself only. A "me, my, mine" time will also help you in relaxing and restoring your emotional and mental balance. Remember that a healthy mind will definitely produce a healthy body.

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6 Natural Tips To Detoxify The Body

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This article was published on 2010/12/13
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