3 Body Language Signals That She's Very Interested in You

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Body language can seem difficult to read at first. Oftentimes with women it is difficult to know what a woman means when she moves a certain way. It's almost as if the whole concept is foreign, alien, and that there is no perceivable way to decode her exact signals.

Well no more confusion!

The truth is, there are really only a handful of key signals to look for in a woman's body language in relation to how and what they are communicating sexual attraction to you.

These tips will help show you what to look for.

1] She flips her hair.

When a woman flips her hair in your presence, it's not just for cosmetics. It's to get your attention. It says that she wants you to look at her and she's aching for you to come over and talk to her. In extreme cases, I've had friends walk out to a park in public and upon walking into the open, dozens of women would do a hair flip in his direction one after the other. Again, it's subtle, and it doesn't necessarily mean she wants you to have sex with her right away (though it can !), but it's a sign that a spark has been lit, and you must go kindle the flame.

2] She exposes or subtly flaunts any part of her body.

Women know exactly the way they are dressed. It's no accident. They WANT you to look at them, but you have to do it in an honest, direct way that communicates positivity, admiration, and respect. The only time they do not enjoy being looked at is if your eye contact or body language communicates creepiness or gives the "stalker vibe". So long as you DON'T do that, they will welcome your gaze. In fact, women can literally "Feel" your eyes upon them. If done correctly, they LOVE this feeling all over their body. This is talked about constantly in best-selling romance novels, for instance.

3] She's still there.

Amazingly enough, if a woman is interested in you, she will remain in the same room or general vicinity as you. If she is not interested in you, she will leave. It's pretty damn simple. This is especially true if she is within 10 feet of you in almost any setting. Truly, Very few exceptions to this rule exist. If she makes up some weird excuse that she "has to go", then you've lost her for that day, if not forever. If she's still around, then you're doing OK and all you have to do is continue progressing and make a move.

In summary, look for these signals. It means she wants you. The more intense, obvious, and often these signals are, the more hot she is for you.

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3 Body Language Signals That She's Very Interested in You

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This article was published on 2010/04/01
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